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Yeah, so we all have certain expectations in life. It might be either expecting a good GPA or a Job offer or anything else. Keeping expectations is human tendency…but what exactly harms is becoming sad if those expectations are not fulfilled. The other day I was sad…why? I expected something good but instead something bad happened. I was sad for like sometimes when the positive part of my brain told me…”WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO DEPRESSED…YOU HAVE ANOTHER DAY TO LIVE YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT”. This really got me thinking that we as humans tend to develop expectations so deep that when they aren’t fulfilled we feel there is no point to life or nothing is gonna work out. WHY?

Honestly though I feel we should stop keeping expectations…yea people say if you have expectations in life you would be able to achieve your dreams and goals and blah blah blah. But seriously? Just think about. If you work hard and don’t expect anything that would probably make you happier than working hard and expecting the best.

Well at times you are placed in situations when you can’t help but like have to keep expectations. At those times what I usually do is…KEEP THE LOWEST EXPECTATION!

It’s simple…suppose you just gave an exam…you really don’t want to expect anything but are kinda anxious and scared. Tell yourself “THE WORST THING TO PROBABLY HAPPEN IS ME FAILING OR MAAM INSULTING ME” ok that’s ok…I mean honestly when you get your result…if the worst imagined situation did not occur then you would be Happy right? Because your expectations were not extremely high. This small tip would help you stay happier and enjoy life one step at a time.

Why is it that as a child we are not bothered if we win a competition or lose…we just enjoy it…winning or losing is dependent on factors such as LUCK, HARD WORK, etc.

Enjoy the bittersweet moments of life than complaining of the process. Enjoy the process. 🙂



Studies or Procrastinate

So you sit down for studies…and what do you do…PROCRASTINATE.

The following stuff we all do while studying

  1. Stare at the wall
  2. Start singing a song or act as if you are a singer and the study table is your stage 😉
  3. Sleep? 😛
  4. Check phone
  5. Kill mosquitoes
  6. EAT
  7. Day Dreaming
  8. Think about life
  9. Kill mosquitoes AGAIN
  10. Cry because you realise you haven’t studied anything
  11. Stop crying as you remember some inspirational quote
  12. Get up and take a walk
  13. Check phone AGAIN (even though there is no message) :/
  14. Laugh some old memory you remembered
  15. Get scared
  16. Play with the pen
  17. Draw stupid stick figures in the notebook
  18. Start colouring the side margin
  19. Think about how life would be if you didn’t have to study
  20. Try to make notes
  21. Fail at making notes
  22. Cry again
  23. Get up
  24. Start dancing because yolo
  25. Think about the upcoming party
  26. Check phone again as there is a buzz
  27. Cry because it’s a customer care message
  28. Start reading a book instead
  29. Trying to imagine yourself study
  30. Laugh because you can never imagine shit 😛
  31. Close books
  32. Get up
  33. Go out to play


This has probably happened, right?

I know it’s tough to concentrate. 😦

All I can say is

Until Next Time! 😀

A bit motivation :D

So we all face problems in life right?

All you got to do is laugh when your life is going bad…I know this is crazy but you need to tell yourself that everything is gonna rock and everything is fine! Yup true…doing that is tough but YOU NEED TO.

Note to self,

Life will be tough, but you need to accept it the way it is and move on. Because trust me if you do that someday When your life would be amazing and just the way you had wished for it to be…you can look back at your life and say “OH MAN I WAS SUCH A BADASS!”

I know hard work and rejections are tough to face…but you just need to keep your hopes high and keep trying! Just tell yourself…’ok so I failed 10 times no problem ill keep trying, at least someday I won’t really how long will I continue to fail? someday I will succeed, right? 😉

Yup, tell this to yourself!

and also shout loudly I AM AWESOME

I promise everything would be cool and would work out…even though at present you feel nothing is gonna work out…it will eventually. Of course, its gonna take time…but if you refuse to give up then it’s gonna be a journey of achieving your dreams and goals…and also a journey of showing your future self that you were a badass who never gave up!


And if anybody hating on ya cause you being awesome then

Until next time! 😀

Manga and Anime Shizz


Now that I have laid down the basis of this post…let me begin

My favourite anime and mangas include


Fairy Tail


Yamada and the seven witches

Ao no exorcist


And the list goes on…honestly though mangas and animes are awesome shizz which everyone should read/watch. and, of course, animated stuff makes me more excited than ever.


This is totally me xD

Until next time 😀

Star Wars

Ok so Everyone loves Star Wars, RIGHT?

So recently On June 17, 2015, Lloyd (going by the name Jake Broadbent) was arrested for reckless driving, driving without a license, and resisting arrest. Yes, Jake Lloyd is the actor who played the role of young Anakin skywalker.



Well, Lloyd’s mother, Lisa, stated that Lloyd suffers from schizophrenia and that the incident was brought on by his having failed to take his medication.

So yeah :/

Until next time! 😀

Parents vs Mobile

Ok, this post is extremely relatable, and I’m pretty sure everyone has been through this.

Parents vs Mobile

So the other day I was in my room, studying and making notes. I was doing it with complete concentration. I put my pen down to take a five-minute break. Just a five-minute break. I take a look at my Mobile…and immediately my dad opens the door and walks in and, of course, my defence mechanism tells me to throw the mobile immediately even though I know I was taking a break. and there it starts…My dad starts telling me how I’m addicted to my mobile and don’t study, at this point I don’t even know what to say ._.

I say I’m sorry and start studying again. and also, I’m totally annoyed as to why my dad did not enter the room when I was studying.

This happens, each and every time.

Parents just have this intuition that oh my daughter might be on her phone rather than studying and when they feel that they just enter and start lecturing … ._.


Until next time! 😀

That one kid.

So recently there was this test at school. Everyone was chilled out and you know didn’t bother much about it because,  it was just a random test of 10 marks. So as I said everyone was chilled out no one even took the pains to copy the answer’s from the book or even cheat.  But there was this one kid, let’s call him/her chit. So chit is like literally taking the pains to copy from the book and ask others and probably, chit was the only person who was putting in efforts. So after all of this drama, everyone submits their test paper to the teacher and are chilled out. The teacher decides to check the test papers immediately and guess what…Chit tops the class. Well, it was quite obvious, but the worse part was that in a class of say 20 kids,  19 kids score bellow 5 (5/10) and this chit person scores a 10. Yeah well, he did take the pains to copy, but over and above that, the teacher is like praising Chit in the whole class and the rest 19 kids are like ‘waaat’. But of course, no one goes and tells the teacher that Chit just conveniently copied all the answers!! Well, there is this one kid always. ._.


Btw Chit=Shit 😛 *kidding*

P.S- The whole class was totally laughing out hard 😛

Until next time! 😀

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